Hole in One*Katja Dylla und Marcin Wiecorek, 9.12.2010

Was lässt mann sich nicht alles einfallen, um seine Liebste zu gewinnen ... eine Parodie auf Heldentum und Nestverhalten ... Animation unter mehr Info ansehen ...

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, 9.12.2010

Animation: Katja Dylla und Marcin Wiecorek
Musik: Marcin Wiecorek

Kommentar von aYn2ihpjW am 15.9.2015

Hey Thats Agreat Lookin' Sandcrawler, looks like it was done on a super 8mm camera,The only avail.escape pod back then was from the Land of the jawa's,I'm asnusimg thats where that one came from,.Kind of a Bummer when we needed x-tra soldiers (sand ppl/storm troopers/jawas/bespin security,ect.)when there was just too many cool new figures coming out and needed those ones,lol,.

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